Roving Pictures Company color at the Venice International Film Festival

'Soni', the feature debut of filmmaker Ivan Ayr, which has its world premiere in Horizons at Venice Film Festival 2018 'Soni' is a Hindi film exploring gender politics through the experiences of a Delhi policewoman.

Variety says, “With an intelligent, subtle script and camerawork so organically natural one doesn’t immediately realize that each scene is shot in one take, the film draws on a subject much in the news and spins it into a multilayered yet low-key study without preaching or sensationalizing.”

Broadway World says “Director Ivan Ayr's debut feature Soni had its World Premiere at recently concluded 75th Venice International Film Festival where it received a standing ovation at the festival, with a long and engaging Q & A post the screening.”

So extremely happy to have done the color grading for this remarkable movie, both for the artistry but more importantly its subject matter and message. I’m looking forward to watching the progress as it is shown in festivals world-wide.